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Book Review - Dark Desire by Christine Feehan (Carpathian/Dark Series)

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Dark Desire is the second installment of the Carpathian/Dark series written by Christine Feehan. This is a great sensual read, for those who likes intense fire-crackling emotion paranormal romance novels. And since I do, I'm giving it a 4 Pink Hearts rating.


Jacques Dubrinsky was a once powerful Carpathian who was betrayed and handed over to the human butchers to be tortured and killed. After days of inhuman sadistic torturing, he had given up on life, and even welcomed death when they drove a stick into his chest and buried him in his cellar. During his seven years of imprisonment, the only thing that kept him alive was his mental connection with his lifemat across the ocean.

Shea O'Halloran was an American surgeon, who believed that she has a rare blood disease. For the past seven years, she heard summons of an unknown voice, felt the anguish of an unknown man across the sea. Drawn to the Carpathian Mountains, she found him, tortured, ravaged and mad, yet she felt compelled to save him.

Even though he believed that she was cruel enough to ignore his summon when he needed her the most, he recognized her as his lifemate, and he was determined to claim her as his own, but he was barely sane, and her courage and compassion was the only thing that could keep him from madness. She could see in his eyes his burning desire and unconditional love that she have so desired all her life, but she was afraid to have him become a part of her. And now, the betrayer, the vampire who handed Jacques over to the human butchers, was back, and he wanted Shea.

What I liked:

Dark Desire is very sensual and emotionally intense, and it kept me turning the pages. Although Jacques wasn't quiet sane towards the first half of the novel, he was, nevertheless, hot and yummy. And it was especially touching when Shea was under attack, and he tried to save her although he could barely move in his physical condition.

I also liked how Shea struggled mentally trying not to fall in love with her destined lifemate, because of her past. It made a lot of sense to me, and helped to intensify their relationship on the way. I couldn't help but smile from my heart when she finally accepted their love.

What I didn't like:

As with her previous Carpathian novel, Christine Feehan's heroine likes to defy the hero in whatever way she can regardless of the situation. Although Shea was not as annoying as Raven in Dark Prince, because she was less dumb, and a little more powerful, I was still annoyed by her. It would seem like Christine Feehan had a problem with distinguishing "independence" and pure "stupidity." Sometimes, it seemed that Shea defy and refuse Jacques' protection just for the sake of defying, nothing more. And that, I didn't appreciate.


Although I do have a slight problem with Shea's stupid moves in the book, it is still a very nice read. Christine Feehan, although, in my opinion, not so good with developing her female characters, is extremely good at making the heros of her paranormal romance novels the man of any women's dreams... well, unless they really dislike alpha males. Once again, if you don't mind a slightly stupid women trying to be independent, Dark Desire is novel I would recommend to all paranormal romance novel fans out there.

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