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Book Review - Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Dark-Hunter Series)

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Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon is the second installment of her Dark-Hunter series. This fast paced, action packed paranormal romance novel is a wonderful 4 Pink Hearts read for all those who are attracted to hot fanged immortals.


Amanda Devereaux was an accountant, conservative and uptight, she actually came from a family obsessed with the supernaturals. Her own twin sister thought herself as a vampire slayer, and even went on patrols every night. Amanda didn't believe any of this and thought that she was the only sane member of the family, until, mistaken for being her twin, she was knocked out cold, kidnapped, and handcuffed to a complete stranger who happened to have a pair of fangs of his own.

Kyrian of Thrace was a Macedonian general from centuries ago betrayed by his beloved wife only to be tortured and crucified by his Roman enemy. Burning for revenge, he sold his soul to Artemis and became a Dark-Hunter, a member of the immortal army she created to defend humans against Daimons, a vampire-like being. When he woke up one night handcuffed to Amanda, the solitary life he enjoyed was about to change.

He was intrigued by her. She was smart, by no means afraid of him, and he wants her for his own. But Dark-Hunter codes states clearly that he cannot have a significant other. The secrecy of their existence and the danger he was constantly emerged in just wouldn't allow it. And now, they were in grave danger. Something out there knew Kyrian's weakness, and worse, it was stalking Amanda.

What I liked:

Night Pleasures is a very entertaining paranormal romance novel. I really liked the world Sherrilyn Kenyon created, and this story is action packed. Her characters were also a great load of fun to read, especially the dialog between Kyrian and Amanda. It was also great to see Julian and Grace and some other characters from the first book Fantasy Lover making guest appearances in this book.

What I didn't like:

Like Fantasy Lover, there were too much "telling", too little "showing" when it comes to explaining Kyrian's past. As much as the rest of the book was fast paced, the part where Kyrian spoke about his betrayal to Amanda slowed down the story by quite a bit. Luckily, his story wasn't as long as Julian's, and the pace picked right back up after that particular section of the book.

There was also this one part of the story where I thought Amanda was a little OOC (Out of Character). She was described as conservative and a bit shy when it comes to dealing with men, but when she tried to help him overcome his worse nightmare, it seemed all her original personalities were gone - like poof. Don't get me wrong, I liked that part of the story, but if she didn't have a personality change all of a sudden, it would have been so much better.


I really recommend Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon. For those who enjoys action packed paranormal romance novels, this book will open up a whole series of sizzling novels for you in the Dark-Hunter world. Although some books in the series I didn't quite like, which I will be discussing in later posts, most of the stories so far were above average. They could all be read as standalone novels, but reading according to the sequence is highly recommended.

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