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Book Review - Dark Prince by Christine Feehan (Carpathian/Dark Series)

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Dark Prince is the first installment of the popular Carpathians/Dark series, where Christine Feehan brings us to the sensual, dangerous, paranormal and mysterious world of the Capathians, a species so powerful, yet so lonely it will break your heart. However, despite all the raving reviews out there, I'm only giving this paranormal romance novel a 3.5 Pink Hearts.

Raven Whitney was a powerfully gifted psychic who works for the government to track down the most psychotic murderers in America. She journeyed to the beautiful Carpathian Mountains in Europe to rest her exhausted mind when she heard a cry full of anguish, despair and loneliness that she could not possibly ignore. Being a psychic who could read minds, Raven was no stranger to loneliness, she reached out to Mikhail.

Mikhail Dubrinsky was the prince, and one of the most ancient, of the mysterious and powerful Carpathians, who were often mistaken as vampires by the humans, as they survived on blood, had a much longer lifespan and could burn to death if they were out in the sun for too long. And now, they were on the brink of extinction, because, of some unknown reasons, for centuries, no female Carpathians were born, and many of the young Carpathian children couldn't live past infancy. To make matters worse, many of the Carpathian males were turning into vampires - ruthless killers that preyed on both human and Carpathians alike - because they couldn't find their lifemates, and were ripped of emotions and the ability of seeing colors because of it. Many of the ancients were forced to hunt their once-friends, while on the brink of turning themselves.

When Mikhail met Raven, he was about to end his life so that he wouldn't be consumed by loneliness and turn into a vampire. Her compassion and courage was like a ray of light in his bleak life, and at once he knew he found his lifemate. But his time was limited, for he must claim her at once to prevent himself from turning.

Dark Prince by Christine Feehan is a book that you're bound to fall in love with the hero, Mikhail, if you're into alpha males. Although he suffered much throughout his very long life and was desperate to claim Raven as his mate, he poured his heart out for her, and he took time to make her fall in love with him. Although, as a Carpathian male, he was extremely protective of his lifemate, he compromised much with Raven's modern "independent women" thinking, and tolerated many of her dangerous acts, while he was worried sick about her. Now, where do you get this kind of man in real life??

Christine Feehan also created such a believable world of the Carpathians that will make you rage when the stupid, psychotic and sadistic humans tried to hunt them, and make you root for the Carpathians when they fight. Obviously, it will also make you wish you could meet one of them and become their lifemate. :P

However, Dark Prince also had flaws that also made me want to either put the book down or pull my hair out. First of all, the edition I bought (I'm not sure if it's the same for other editions) needed some reformatting. It was printed in a way that the font were small, and lines were cramped together. It was difficult for the eyes, and didn't leave a good impression.

The book was also repetitive in a sense that the same adjectives where used over and over again. It almost seemed like Christine Feehan had ran out of words to describe Raven's hair or something. And that Mikhail is so unimaginative, that he could only use "little one" as an endearment, and nothing else... it would seem like he couldn't even alternate between that and her name. -_-

And then the thing that bugged me the most when reading this novel was the author's concept of a "strong, independent women." She tried to portray Raven as courageous and intelligent, but in fact, the outcome was that she was a plain retard - ok, I will give her courageous, but retardedly courageous that is. One of Raven's favorite lines in the novel was "I have a brain," but her actions had clearly stated that she didn't have one. She consistently whine about how over-protective and dominating Mikhail was, but never for one second did she understand the difference in strength and power between a human and a Carpathian. She kept complaining that Mikhail would not let her do anything he considered dangerous, and yet 2 seconds after she threw herself into a dangerous situation (which she was warned not to get herself into), she would be lying on the ground, half-dead, and helpless. Now how is that strong and intelligent? In my books, she's probably just 2mm away from TSTL (too stupid to live), and that's only because I've seen much worse in Japanese mangas (comics, if you like). But then, since her character was quite caring, she couldn't be exactly classified as a retarded bitch (thank gods).

So, in conclusion, I don't really recommend Dark Prince. If you're willing to overlook the heroine being retarded, then it's a book you might want to pick up when you have nothing else to read, and are waiting for your favorite authors' books to come out in a couple of months or so, which is exactly what I'm doing now. I am continuing with the series, just because of how yummy the male Carpathians are, but Christine Feehan have yet to change my opinion of her female characters.

I mean, really, it's not shameful to admit to your weakeness...

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