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Book Review - Dark Gold by Christine Feehan (Carpathian/Dark Series)

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Dark Gold is the third installment of the Carpathian/Dark series by Christine Feehan. It is an intriguing, sensuous read that I've very much enjoyed reading. However, due to certain flaws, which I will discuss later on in this post, I had to debate whether to give it a 3.5 or a 4 Pink Hearts rating. But I guess 4 Pink Hearts it is, because I enjoyed it very much despite that I did not like part of the story.


Alexandria Houton loved her little brother and would do anything to protect him from harm. As a psychic, she could be safely turned into a Carpathian and become one of the few that could save the dying race, and now the Vampires hunted her, wanting to claim her as their own. Plunged into the mysterious, yet dangerous world of Carpathians and Vampires, her body turned into a Carpathian by the hands of the powerful Aidan. But, as much as her body embraced both her bond with the attractive stranger and her physical changes, she had yet to accept her fate mentally.

Aidan Savage was a hunter for the mysterious Carpathian race, and the only one that lived with a human family. After 800 years of life without a lifemate, his inner demons were strong, and was close to turning, but that was until he found Alexandria. To heal and cleanse his lifemate's tainted blood from the Vampire's attack, Aidan turned her into one of his kind without her consent. He was determined to give her time to cope, although he found his fight with his inner demon more of a challenge everyday, yet she continued to defy him, continued to deny her new existence and their unbreakable bond. And the latter, he would not allow.

What I liked:

Again, Christine Feehan was really the master of creating perfect men. I love how Aidan loved Alexandria so unconditionally that he was willing to risk himself to allow her time to adjust. I love how he accepted her little brother and gave him the best and everything he wanted just because he was someone Alexandria loved. And I loved it even more that, despite being 8 centuries old and without emotion for the most part of it, once he found his emotion back by meeting Alexandria, he was the most fun and loving person you'll ever meet.

In Dark Gold, I also really liked the fact that Alexandria did not accept the whole concept of Carpathians and Vampires immediately, and that she was in a denial state for quite a bit of time. This part of the plot was handled quite well by the author for most of it, as it was very real and very believable for a normal person to react the way she did when thrown into such a dangerous and foreign world.

What I didn't like:

Although Christine Feehan did handle the "denial-state" quiet well for the most part, it also caused me to dislike some parts of the story. First of all, Alexandria's denial-state dragged on for 3/4 of the story. First she wouldn't believe the existence of Carpathians and Vampires, then when she finally did, she wouldn't believe that she became a Carpathian, then when she finally did, she wouldn't believe the bond of lifemates in her new world. And the whole thing just dragged on and on as if she was just trying to find something to not believe in.

Now the second problem came when she finally was able to accept everything including her love with Aidan. One minute she was still denying that she was not human anymore and that she does not love him, and a minute later she turned around 180 degrees, accepted everything, and was willing to give him whatever he wants/needs...? I couldn't help but keep thinking from that point on towards the end of the story if I've missed part of the story. The transition was just not natural to me.


Despite the problem with the heroine's personality of extremely repetitive denial and defiance (do we see a pattern here yet?) and a not-so-natural transition to the romance plot of the story, Dark Gold, the paranormal romance novel by Christine Feehan is a very good read that I would recommend to anyone who like the paranormal romance genre. As usual, I loved the hero in this story, and the plot definitely had me turning the pages. If it wasn't for the overdoing of the denial state and the unexpected (in a bad way) transition, I would have no doubt given this book a 5 Pink Hearts, and classified it as a must read.

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