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Book Review - Devil May Cry by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Dark-Hunter Series)

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Devil May Cry by Sherrilyn Kenyon is the eleventh installment of the Dark Hunter paranormal romance series, excluding all anthologies and books from the Dream-Hunter series. This is a solid 4.5 Pink Hearts engaging read that answers many questions the readers were dying to know about all throughout the series.


Sin was an ex-Sumerian god, who had his godhood stolen from him three thousand years ago by Artemis. Although, listed as one of the Dark Hunters, he didn't hunt daimons, instead his job was to keep the gallu demons, which were created by his pantheon eons ago, in line. Having been betrayed all his life, Sin didn't trust anyone, until this one person came crashing into his life fighting by his side and offering her heart.

Katra was a well hidden daughter of Artemis'. When her mother came to her asking her to kill Sin because he was evil, Katra knew there was more to the story. And the more time she spent with the ex-god, the more she knew she was right. As the gallu demons tried to free the Dimme to destroy the world, she must earn his trust, despise that she was the daughter of his most hated enemy, in time to save mankind.

What I liked:

Devil May Cry was a very pleasant read. The conversations between Katra and Sin was great fun to read, as they were filled with sarcasm. I couldn't help myself laughing out loud many times throughout the story at their dialog. For the people following the Dark Hunter series, this book will answer many many questions unanswered by previous books, which was great. I guess after 11 books, the conspiracy was getting a little too much, so having Sherrilyn Kenyon answering some of the mysteries hinted in previous stories was great and really kept me wanting to read more.

What I didn't like:

Although the storyline was great, Acheron kind of stole the show a bit in this novel. Not that I object him showing up all the time, but I would have liked it a bit more if the focus was more on Sin, the hero of the story. But, by talking about Ash's past, there was a shift of focus in the book. So instead of wanting to read more about Sin, I find myself wanting more of Ash when I was reading. But since this was a love story of Sin and Katra, it would have been better if I find myself thinking more about Sin than Ash throughout the story.


Devil May Cry by Sherrilyn Kenyon is a great read that I would recommend to all those who have been following the series. You will definitely have many of your questions answered, and left asking for more. However, for those who have not been reading the series, this book can be a little difficult to follow... in fact, I think many of the Dark Hunter series books aren't that great when read as a stand alone.

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